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什么是域名? / What is a domain name?

打个比方:/ To make an analogy:
Domain names are the house numbers of enterprises, financial institutions, banks, and shopping malls on the Internet. Just like in real life, if you want to go to work in a company, go to a bank for business, or go shopping in a mall, you first need to know its address before you can go local.

A domain name is like a land in real life. If you want to build a website or an online store on the Internet, you first need a domain name to build a platform. A good domain name is like a good location. The better the location, the higher the price. Similarly, the better the domain name, the more expensive it is.

什么样的域名是好域名? / What kind of domain name is a good domain name?

Good domain names are usually domain names with direct industry attributes, which are called industry domain names in the industry.

如:w.orld.world 或 g.roup.group 又或者 d.omain.cc 或 w.hois.cc 等等,能直接表明其行业属性的有含义的域名。
Such as: w.orld.world or g.roup.group or d.omain.cc or w.hois.cc, etc., which can directly indicate the meaningful domain names of their industry attributes.

好域名的价值和重要性 / The value and importance of a good domain name

A good domain name is the most valuable real estate on the Internet, and it is a unique and precious “non-renewable resource”.

In the Internet age, a good domain name can play a role in showing competitive advantage and strength for enterprises. Many people say that in the mobile Internet era, who still values domain names, I can just register a common domain name and make do with it. On the other hand, low-grade cars can travel as well. Why do you choose high-grade cars? The same is true for domain names. People do not have me, others have me superior; it is not only a respect for customers, but also an expression of business determination.

A good domain name can save a company a huge amount of advertising costs, and at the same time it can bring a steady stream of customers to the company, and promote rapid growth in corporate revenue. A good domain name is like an advertising space with its own halo, which is promoted all the time. Moreover, the domain name investment is a one-time purchase, and one purchase is used for life, while traditional advertising is long-term and expensive (bottomless pit).

案例: / Case:
JD.com acquired jd.com for RMB 30 million;

Xiaomi acquired mi.com for US$3.6 million;

Qihoo 360 acquired 360.com for US$17 million;

Funyou acquired youxi.com for 15 million yuan, etc.

It can be seen from the acquisition cases that more and more companies acquire and activate a good domain name.

There is no doubt that a good domain name is the beginning (key) of your success on the Internet, and a good domain name is the most important and meaningful strategic investment for your Internet business such as e-commerce and online marketing. If you use a common domain name and spend a huge amount of money on advertising, but the customer can’t remember your website domain name, it means that most of your money is wasted!

好域名的作用和对您的企业有多大的影响 / The role of a good domain name and how much impact it has on your business

Demonstrate brand value-a good domain name can help you and your business quickly establish a brand on the Internet.

Establish a good image-a good domain name represents the image of the company on the Internet (the better the domain name, the higher the trust level).

It is easy for customers to remember-a good domain name can make customers remember you and your business quickly.

Accelerate communication and promotion-a good domain name can do more with half the effort in business promotion and brand communication.

Win the trust of customers-a good domain name is like a face of a person (a good face can quickly win the trust and favor of customers.)

Save advertising costs-a good domain name can help you save hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising costs every year.

Reduce customer churn-a good domain name can avoid the loss of your current customers and potential customers.

Improve search rankings-When a good domain name is searched on Baidu, Haosou, and Sogou, your website can naturally be ranked first, or even headlines.

Reduce search dependence-a good domain name is easy to remember and easy to enter, which makes it easy to get rid of excessive dependence on search engines.

Save long-term investment-the investment of a good domain name is a one-time purchase, a one-time purchase for lifetime use, while advertising expenses are long-term.

Surpassing competitors-gaining high recognition and trust from investors, distributors, end customers, and hundreds of millions of netizens, and surpassing competitors in an all-round way.

In summary, with a good domain name, you can surpass your competitors faster and better on the Internet. Having a good domain name means that you have a tool to quickly surpass your competitors on the Internet.

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